Why is a Background Check Taking Too Long? - An Expert's Perspective

Learn why some background checks take longer than others from an expert's perspective - from incomplete forms & inaccessible records data - plus tips on how employers & applicants can speed up delivery times.

Why is a Background Check Taking Too Long? - An Expert's Perspective

The selection process can take longer when more information is required. This is especially true for positions that involve direct responsibility for another person, such as in education or healthcare. It's important to note that background checks can take up to five business days, even when there are no issues. A criminal background check usually takes one to three business days, but it can be done faster if you only search a centralized data source, such as the National Criminal Database.

Manual searches may take longer, depending on the source. Federal background checks can often be done in one day. Screening companies like KarmaCheck can provide you with quick background checks with their unique technology. The most common cause of delays is incomplete or inaccurate background check request forms (usually authorization or consent forms). While the FCRA allows background research companies (also known as “consumer reporting agencies” or “CRA”) to rely on the certifications that employers will provide and to obtain the disclosures and authorizations required by law, certain exceptions may arise.

For example, certain state criminal and driving record repositories require specific forms to be completed before disclosing record information. If a form is not filled out correctly, the repository may reject it. In this case, the CRA will have to work with the applicant or employer to get the forms correctly completed, often leading to delays in overall delivery times. If you're concerned that the process is taking too long, contact your contact at the hiring company. He or she may be able to answer your questions or let you know if the company needs additional information to finish the process. Once you have a copy of the report, you can contact the background check service company and request a new investigation of your results.

Please note that you may be asked to verify your information and provide additional information. If you're planning to ask them to reprocess your check, it's worth having all your details handy. The service company must correct any inaccurate information as long as it provides the correct evidence. You can then contact the employer with the updated report. The sooner you take steps in this regard, the more likely you are to get the results you need.

Give it a little more time. The company may have waited a couple more days to start its background check, or the background check company could be delayed. Contact the interviewer next week to request an update. Chane Solutions makes every effort to ensure that all results provided are completely accurate and up to date. Especially when potentially negative information is discovered or identifiers are missing, we go the extra mile to ensure accurate results and fair treatment for your candidates.

For example, Chane will directly contact the courts and contact applicants if there are any incomplete or inaccurate identifiers in criminal cases to ensure the highest possible accuracy. While there is no doubt that you are eager to see the final results, this necessary delay allows us to fulfill the promise we made to you as your selection partner and eliminates the possibility of you taking unfair (and illegal) adverse action against an employee or candidate. The main reason why one background check takes longer than another is often because of the accessibility of record data. Some jurisdictions take a long time to retrieve and provide us with the records we need to complete your report. A quality background research company like iprospectcheck will always verify any record found in a database search directly with the reporting entity to allow us to comply with strict measures and ensure the highest possible accuracy. If you decide to collect the information without the help of a background check company, this process can take much longer. Human resources departments can minimize the impact of these delays by planning ahead and leaving more time for background checks in cases where closures or known court delays are likely to occur. If they do the checks and find that you have a criminal record, it may mean that they choose not to offer you the job you are applying for.

Private background research companies do this initially and will retrieve real records much faster, allowing human resources to make better hiring decisions faster without waiting for a fingerprint background check. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires potential employers to inform you of the results of a credit check that could prevent them from hiring you. Delivery times are a crucial factor to consider when evaluating the efficiency of a background check, and for good reason. Needless to say, employment background checks are more extensive and detailed for government departments. As such, testing providers rely on researchers and local offices to get a full background check on a person. It's important to remember that a background check is usually a good sign that the company is seriously considering you for the position.

While it's easy to assume that most processes will be automated, there's still no national database with all the information one could want from a background check. The laws governing background checks may vary from region to region, leading to greater quality assurance if your candidate has a connection to multiple jurisdictions i. The employer may need to contact you to verify that all of the information you provided is correct, from the spelling of the name to the numbers.

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